Building a movement together 

Movements are critical to making change – and to making change last – because they build, exercise and amplify collective power and voice. 

Mama Cash has a long-standing history of seeking out, co-creating, facilitating and/or leading feminist alliances and partnerships. We are in movement together with our grantee-partners, women’s funds, institutional and individual donors, feminist organisations and networks, human rights organisations, activists, and many more. We believe that our vision is clearest when shared, and our mission most impactful when carried out together.   

COUNT ME IN! Consortium

Indigenous and rural women, sex workers, lesbian and bisexual women, women with disabilities and women living with HIV ; they are among the many women, girls, and trans and intersex people who confront multiple layers of discrimination. These communities are playing an essential role in bringing an end to injustice and inequality across the globe. Every one of their voices counts. The Count Me In! (CMI!) consortium supports movements led by such feminist groups fighting for their rights. 

The Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)

The Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) rallies the collective power of gender, climate and environmental justice movements around the world. It envisions a world where women’s, girls’, and trans, intersex and non-binary people’s rights to water, food security, and a clean, healthy and safe environment are recognised and respected. 

Red Umbrella Fund

Mama Cash is proud to host and support the Red Umbrella Fund (RUF), the world’s first global fund guided by and for sex workers. It aims to uphold and respect the health, rights, and self-determination of sex workers of all genders. It responds to the needs of sex worker rights groups that are fighting against violence, stigma and criminalisation.