Strengthening feminist movements through skills and knowledge

Alongside providing grant support to Resilience Fund partners, Mama Cash provides accompaniment support. We accompany grantee-partners as they obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools and equipment needed to fulfil their missions. 

Our accompaniment includes

Organisational strengthening
We support grantee-partners in strengthening their organisations, including, but not limited to, governance, financial systems, and holistic security
Our accompaniment assists grantee-partners in their fundraising efforts, supporting them to secure necessary resources
We facilitate networking opportunities, enabling grantee-partners to connect, collaborate, and build valuable relationships
Addressing specific issues
We offer tailored advice to support grantee-partners to overcome challenges related to specific issues they identified

On average, our grantee-partnerships grow, deepen and transform over the course of ten-year periods.

Mama Cash’s accompaniment strategy is necessarily adaptive, flexible and attuned to our multi-year relationships with grantee-partners – we label and structure our accompaniment support in the following consecutive phases of our grantee-partnerships:

Mama Cash and the grantee-partner get to know each other; we learn about the partner’s needs. During this time, the partner has access to non-financial accompaniment – e.g., introductions to donors, support with budgeting and financial reporting, linking up with grantee-partners with similar accompaniment needs. During this phase, partners do not yet have access to accompaniment grants.

Grantee-partners retain their access to non-financial accompaniment.  In addition, grantee-partners can access accompaniment grants to support their organisational vision, ambitions and strategic plans. 

Grantee-partners can access a one-time, end-of-trajectory grant to a maximum of 45,000 euro. This funding may be used to build their reserves, purchase land or property, or buy equipment. During this final phase, partners also continue to have access to non-financial accompaniment.