Moving money to feminist movements is what we do, how to move more and better money is what we know!

Founded in 1983, Mama Cash has, to date, awarded more than €92 million to feminist activists, self-led groups and movements that are working to secure democracy, human rights, environmental and gender justice around the world. As the first international women’s fund, Mama Cash has developed a wealth of expertise on resourcing feminist movements abundantly and effectively.

“I love Mama Cash’s origin story. In short: five women got together around a kitchen table to invent a new way to support other women, across national borders. It had never been done, so they did it.”

Zohra Moosa, ED Mama Cash 2013-2022

From the outset, Mama Cash embraced the need and urgency for novel resourcing practices, processes and language – e.g. Mama Cash resources feminist activists and their movements, we do not give aid! As funders, we must be agile, courageous, and creative to ensure that more and especially better money reaches feminist movements advancing structural change and responding to the interlocking crises facing our world.  

Feminist knowledge is powerful.

With over 40 years of experience, Mama Cash has a strong track record in knowing what works to directly resource feminist movements abundantly and effectively. Our work is shaped by the leadership and expertise of feminist actors and the experiences and lived realities of those impacted by funding decisions directly.

Collectively, we are wiser and stronger

We are committed to being in movement together with other actors – like feminist civil society, peer women’s funds, philanthropic actors, and government donors – to collectively ensure more accessible and impactful funding gets to feminist movements directly. 

“We want more and better money moving to feminist movements”

Feminist activism works

“Feminists are dreaming and creating more just and joyful communities for us all”

Research shows that autonomous feminist movements drive and nourish transformative social change. Backing feminist movements with dedicated resources is central to delivering on global agreements and agendas.

Feminist movements deserve quality funding

Quality funding matters – it is not intent, but practice that determines impact! Funders must back feminist movements with fit-for-purpose and accessible resources to propel their collective work forward.

Be like a feminist: face risks with courage and purpose!

It is crucial to rethink and reframe what is meant by risk when it comes to supporting feminist movements, especially as compared to what is on the line for activists directly. Feminist activists show us that, in addition to the risks they face personally, the preservation of the status quo holds unacceptable risks for people and the planet. 

Feminists work locally, regionally, and globally

 “Social justice issues and challenges are interconnected and need to be addressed locally, cross-regionally and transnationally.” 

The most pressing social justice issues in the world today are interconnected and require a context-sensitive approach that stretches beyond specific countries to incorporate transnational, cross-regional, and global activism and advocacy.

Our influencing partners

“We know that collectively, we are wiser and stronger.”

Our influencing work is often done in partnership with others. This includes formal partnerships as well as ad-hoc opportunities to collaborate with peers. Examples include: 

Multistakeholder initiatives:

Feminist Consortia:

We are also part of an international community of women’s funds: