Mobilising resources for movements

Mama Cash mobilises resources to support self-led feminist movements to successfully defend and advance the human rights of women, girls, and trans and intersex people worldwide. We organise our work into two focus areas: movements and money.

increase in the number of core grants awarded annually between 2015-2019
increase to our annual core grantmaking budget between 2015-2019

Since 1983, Mama Cash has awarded €92,489,796 to groups led by women, girls, and trans and intersex people worldwide.

Grantee-partners say long-term, flexible funding provides exceptional support to activists and frees groups up to focus on what they know to be most strategic for their change agenda

2020 End of Term Review

Mama Cash’s support enables grantee-partners to

improve their organisational strength
expand their constituencies through training, outreach and public demonstrations
achieve greater access to resources and services from governments
develop compelling feminist knowledge products on issues impacting their communities
undertake nuanced work, creatively using media, journalism, public demonstrations and ‘artivism’
nurture and train leaders in their country’s movement and transform their movement spaces, making them more diverse and inclusive

Visionary feminist activists wake up every day, in every corner of the world, to fight injustice and oppression, and to dream and create just and joyful futures for us all. They do this work at great personal risk and cost, and they usually lack adequate resourcing for their work. 

Mama Cash’s job is to match their courage and creativity, and to support them with the resourcing and connections to make their important work possible. Our 2021-2030 strategy “In Movement Together: Funding Feminist Activism Globally” details our strategies for supporting feminist movements. 

Support feminist activism

With your support, we can continue to ensure that women, girls, and trans and intersex people enjoy fair treatment wherever they are in the world.