“Feminist activists have the vision and the power to transform our world”

“Towards strong, autonomous, pluralist, inclusive, and resilient feminist movements.”

Mama Cash puts resources in the hands of activists building their own movements for justice

Self-led, collective activism
Women, girls, and trans and intersex people are acutely aware of the challenges and injustice that they and their communities face. We support individuals, groups and movements who speak and act for themselves based on their lived experiences of stigma, violence, exploitation and exclusion.
Flexible and core support
The self-led groups we support hold powerful radical wisdom. We honour their knowledge and assessment of their own situations, that is why they have the freedom to use our grants as they see fit.
Long-term support
Movement building and deep, structural change take time. We provide long-term support to ensure that feminist movements can build stronger organisations, plan ahead, remain autonomous and be resilient when challenged.
We accompany grantee-partners with financial and non-financial resources to obtain, improve, retain, and sharpen their skills, knowledge, and networks. Our accompaniment is tailored to the specific organisational needs identified and objectives set by grantee-partners themselves.

“Participatory grantmaking is about sharing power and acknowledging that the feminist communities we resource are the experts of their own realities and movements.”

Global Advisory Network

At the centre of our participatory grantmaking system is the Global Advisory Network – a diverse group of feminist activists based in different geographic areas, from different constituencies, with diverse thematic expertise, experience and connections. Members of the Global Advisory Network play a vital role in decision-making for each fund, with the composition and process customised to suit each fund.