Sharing power with the feminist movements we resource

Change happens when self-led, collective action by women, girls, and trans and intersex people drives feminist movements. That is why the governance of all our funds is in the hands of feminist activists and why we involve applicants and potential grantee-partners in grantmaking decisions. We do this so that our grant-making decisions are fully attuned to the movements we strive to support.

Based in Africa and West Asia
Based in East, South, and Southeast Asia and Oceania
Based in Europe, Central and North Asia
Based in the Americas and the Caribbean
Based multi-regionally

At the centre of our participatory grantmaking system is the Global Advisory Network (GAN). The GAN is populated by feminist activists based in different geographic areas, from different constituencies, with diverse thematic expertise, experience, and connections. Advisors engaged in the GAN are eligible to receive a yearly stipend, depending on the scope of their engagement. 

Advisors support Mama Cash with expertise, experience, and connections in the regions in which Mama Cash makes grants.

Advisors serve on the various committees that make decisions for four of Mama Cash’s five funds, with a composition and procedure customised to suit each particular fund: 

Mama Cash five funds

Advisors serve on the various bodies that make decisions for four of Mama Cash’s five funds, with a composition and procedure customised to suit each particular fund:

The Resilience Fund

The Community Committee (COM COM) is comprised of Advisors with a wide diversity of backgrounds, expertise, community, geography, etc. The COM COM reviews a long list of applications screened by Mama Cash. The COM COM deliberates together and makes the decisions on all new Resilience Fund grants.

The Revolution Fund

Nominations are made by either Advisors, Mama Cash staff or board members. An ad hoc committee of Advisors with relevant expertise on the nominated proposal then proceeds to make decisions about grants and amounts.

The Radical Love Fund

The Radical Love Review Committee (RadCom) includes Advisors and Mama Cash staff. Together, they set the yearly theme and decide on a list of applications, which is then confirmed by the entire Global Advisory Network.

The Spark Fund

A steering committee of Advisors – all of them former Spark grantee-partners – reviews all eligible applications and makes a shortlist, which is then voted on by the shortlisted applicants. The Spark Fund steering committee then conducts a final check to ensure inclusivity.

The Solidarity Fund

Although Advisors are not involved in the governing of the Solidarity Fund, the fund’s grantmaking processes are also participatory. A committee of women’s funds – open to grant-applicants as well – is mobilised. This committee reviews applications and makes final decisions on awards.