Keep the flame of feminism alive today and far beyond our lifetimes.

Entrusting Mama Cash with your legacy is a powerful choice!

By including Mama Cash in your will, you pass on your profound belief that a better world, where gender equality & justice is fully realised, is not only essential but achievable. Your estate can secure a future wherein feminist activists and organisations continue to drive crucial and lasting change. 

Fueling the momentum: keeping feminist movements alive
Real change happens when people unite and work together towards a common goal. The groups, initiatives and movements of emerging generations of feminist activists often struggle to secure funding from mainstream sources. By bequeathing funds to Mama Cash, you are providing them the resources and support they need to sustain their crucial work.
Beyond monetary contributions: a testament to your values
Your final testament speaks volumes as to the values, aspirations and social commitments you held in life! Including Mama Cash in your will is not only financially significant for the activist we resource. It is also a powerful statement of solidarity with feminist movements and their global struggles for transformative change. Building a world where gender equality is respected, protected and celebrated, will be your legacy; the enduring story of what you cherished in life.
Expert stewardship: your trust in action
Mama Cash combines a radical spirit of trust with careful and strategic planning. We support individuals, groups and movements who speak and act for themselves based on their lived experiences of stigma, violence, exploitation and resistance. We guarantee their freedom to use our grants as they see fit, because we honour their knowledge and assessment of their own situations. With your endowment to Mama Cash, you invest in the powerful, radical and liberatory wisdom that they hold.

Including Mama Cash in your estate is not complicated

Mama Cash’s legacy donors most often bequeath money, real estate and/or other assets through their wills.  

Planning your estate and documenting it in your will, ensures you retain agency over your lasting legacy. If you want to know how, consult our easy 6-step plan for including Mama Cash in your will. 

There are, of course, other mechanisms for legacy gifting to Mama Cash; e.g. raising funds during your memorial service.

Would you like more information?

Are you considering donating your estate, or part of it, to Mama Cash but would like more information before moving ahead? Please get in touch. Together with our notarial advisor, we will provide you all the information you need to make a well-considered decision.
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“When you give people money you are also providing them with opportunities, perspective and solidarity

The inheritance that Marjan Sax received provided the initial impetus for Mama Cash