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Join our generous community of donors now and make a direct impact on the lives of women, girls, and trans and intersex people’s lives globally. 

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Notes from our donors

Mama Cash is unique
“I’m totally committed to, and inspired by, the principles and views of Mama Cash. Mama Cash is unique in that she chooses to support women’s rights groups who have the guts to speak out from the margins of feminist movements, such as trans people, lesbian women and sex workers”. – Lida van den Broek
Sustaining our family heritage
“As a family, we believed strongly in issues like social justice and equality for women. Concern for ‘the other’ was a dinner table topic when I was growing up. By [donating to] Mama Cash, I feel like I am sustaining our family heritage, not through offspring, but by contributing to a better world for women and girls”. – Sandrine Ulenberg
Single working mom
“I used to go marching and protesting before I became a parent and I wish I had more time to do activist work, but as a single working mom, I just can’t be on the frontlines all the time. That’s why I donate to Mama Cash, because I know they’re supporting the activists on the ground who are doing amazing things in their communities and it feels like I’m part of that by donating a small amount every month.” – Samantha Fakename
Women were simply neglected
“We had a lot of casualties, and it took me a while before I realised none of the wounded we treated were women…the women were simply neglected and left to bear the pain. I am convinced that greater equality between men and women will mean fewer wars. This require women worldwide to gain control over their lives. Maybe it will take decades, but it’s the only way.” – Nico Spanjer, Assistent Anesthesist who served with Dutch military forces in Afghanistan

“Concern for the ‘other’ was a dinner table topic when I was growing up”

– Sandrine Ulenberg

Participatory Grantmaking

Mama Cash is a participatory grant maker, where decision-making power over grants is put in the hands of the communities and activists with whom we work.

By facilitating those most impacted by inequality and injustice to collectively make decisions in the grant making process, Mama Cash ensures that funding is directed to where it is most needed and will have the greatest impact.

This approach means that every donation has the potential to make a real difference, supporting women, girls, and trans and intersex people to challenge discrimination and injustice in their communities.  

By donating to Mama Cash, you are not just supporting a cause – you are backing communities and amplifying their voices in the fight for equality and justice. Your donation directly impacts the work of feminist activists globally. 

Resource Global Feminist Movements

Women Human Rights Defenders Uganda

“As soon as you move away from the caring, domestic role assigned to women and speak out in the public domain, it becomes dangerous…you are confronted with physical, verbal and emotional attacks. Activists are accused of “promoting immorality” and police officers raid their homes and offices. Their children are followed. They are portrayed as terrorists. This is how they try to silence women who speak out.” –

Repression of human rights activists in Uganda is growing. “The regime is rapidly introducing restrictive laws on civil rights, [such as] the right to free speech and freedom of assembly. Anti-terrorism legislation, the Computer Misuse Act, the new NGO Act: they are all being used to thwart activists and activist organisations like the ones in our network.”  
Despite the continuing and even increasing pressure on human rights activists, Brenda also sees promising developments: “The good work these activists do in defence of human rights is being seen more and more. Cases of violence against activists are more often reported. We have also set up  a local support system, partly with financial and strategic support from Mama Cash, so that human rights defenders can help each other. And we have inspired activists in Malawi and Tanzania to set up a network similar to ours.” Brenda Kugonza – Women Human Rights Defenders Network, Uganda

Funding Sustainable Feminist Movements

Mama Cash is committed to providing better funding. That means flexible, core and long-term funding that enables groups to plan ahead, and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.

We provide better funding because we believe in the wisdom of the groups we support. We also respect their knowledge, understanding and assessment of their own situation.

Therefore, we give them the space to use their money as they see fit and we seek to accompany them as they evolve and learn. But we need your support to do that.

In 2022 Mama Cash received a total of 1477 new applications, of which 851 were eligible for funding. Unfortunately we had the resources to fund only 25 of them, that’s only 1.6% of the total eligible applications.

By joining our community of individual donors, you can be part of a huge movement that centeres women, girls, and trans and intersex people as the experts of their own lived realities.

You can help us fund more grantee partners who are working to create the peaceful, sustainable, just and joyful societies they know are possible. 

Join Our Generous Community

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