Strengthening & Unifying Gender and Environmental Justice Movements

The Global Alliance for Green & Gender Action (GAGGA) connects and supports gender and environmental justice community-based organisations, NGOs and funds. All GAGGA actors work engage in multi-level, cross-movement collaborations to connect and strengthen movements to achieve environmental and climate justice with an emphasis on participatory processes and shared leadership.


GAGGA (members) provide community-based gender and environmental justice groups with grants and mutual skills strengthening through thematic workshops, access to information, and exchanges with other organisations.

Lobby and advocacy

GAGGA members and allies carry out advocacy work at the local, national, regional and global levels. GAGGA actors advocate for women’s, girls’, and trans, intersex and non-binary people’s rights, climate and environmental justice, and equitable access to and use of natural resources. They oppose extractivist industry actors and the large infrastructure projects they depend on.

Alliance building

GAGGA facilitates and participates in linking and learning between women’s, girls’, and trans, intersex and non-binary people’s rights and environmental justice groups and movements to build knowledge, share strategies, and develop and pursue joint advocacy agendas.

Women’s funds
Environmental justice funds
Community-based groups
€16.94 million
Disbursed since 2016

The Global Alliance for Green & Gender Action (GAGGA) is a consortium that was established in 2016:* 

To date, GAGGA’s member organisations and strategic allies, unite a vast and growing network of community based gender justice groups and environmental justice groups in more than 30 countries. 

*GAGGA is strategically partnered with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

For women’s, girls’, and trans, intersex and non-binary people’s rights to water, food security, and a clean, healthy and safe environment

GAGGA supports women, girls, and trans, intersex and non-binary people who are directly affected by the issues they are addressing. These community-based groups and movements play a pivotal role in protecting important ecosystems like forests and wetlands, pastures and farmland, rivers and coastal zones. Follow GAGGA’s website to follow, support and amplify their fight for gender and environmental justice.