As intersectional feminists bearing witness to Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestine, we recognise the histories of imperialism, capitalism, colonialism, genocide, ecocide and patriarchy embedded in this conflict.

We mourn the tragic loss of lives in Palestine and Israel. We are outraged by the censorship, threats, intimidation and backlash targeting those speaking out in solidarity with Palestine and Palestinians. We also bear witness to the rising anti-Palestinian, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic violence and rhetoric and are resolute in challenging all bigotries and oppressions.

We are joining the call for an immediate ceasefire and for safe unimpeded passage of humanitarian aid.  We call on governments to ensure and guarantee the safety and civic rights of those organising and protesting around the world, in solidarity with Palestine.

We call on continued and increased financial, humanitarian and political support of groups, initiatives, and feminist activism in Palestine.

Mama Cash continues to support our partners in the region and we are in touch with our peers and advisors to support and resource Palestinian feminist civil society in the short and long-term.

For some of us within the Mama Cash community, our friends and families are directly in the line of fire. And for all of us at Mama Cash, we support Palestinian communities and all those fighting for freedom and justice. We are in solidarity and in resistance.