co-Executive Director

Saranel began her career in South Africa working in the trade union movement where she launched the first School for Trade Union Women. She was an anti-apartheid activist and worked with new social movements in the post-apartheid South Africa. Saranel has worked in the United Kingdom in the international NGO (INGO) sector, including with War on Want, Action Aid UK, and, most recently, Oxfam Great Britain as Head of Partnerships.

With nearly 30 years experience in the advancement of gender and racial justice, Saranel brings to Mama Cash exceptional leadership skills and a deep commitment to further embedding decolonial and anti-racist strategies in our work. She has played a pivotal role in framing and implementing strategic initiatives that have had a significant impact on communities around the world.  

Why do you like working with Mama Cash? 

Because Mama Cash Mama Cash dares to go where others fear to tread. It an organisation that is well aligned with my values and principles as an anti-racist feminist. 

What makes Mama Cash Stand Out?  

Mama Cash is amongst the few organisations that model decolonial, feminist, and racially-just funding practices that seek to address the unequal power dynamic that exists between Global North and Global South organisations. 

What is the point on the horizon you’re working towards? 

Sharing power through co-leadership and holding each other accountable for how we show up as leaders in radical and transformative approaches. In addition, I want better recognition and understanding for the incredible achievements attained by women-led groups in the Global South and the feminist funds that resource them. Together, feminist funds and Global South feminist groups are making the difference in shaping what social justice looks and feels like in real-time for countless communities around the world.