Grantmaking programme

Feminist activists have the vision and the power to transform the world. But they often lack the funding, supportive networks, and access to learning opportunities they need to maximise the impact they have and transform their communities and nations. Mama Cash’s mission is to fill that gap.

Mama Cash provides funding and accompaniment support to courageous and inspiring feminist activists worldwide. We make grants to groups and movements that have the conviction and tenacity to speak out, tell their stories and demand justice, no matter the obstacles. We are building the power and strength of the international women’s funding movement by supporting sister women’s funds worldwide.

Leading their own movements

We aim to put resources in the hands of activists who are advancing their own rights and building their own movements for social change. We prioritise groups led by people working together to address issues they experience directly, like domestic workers who are collectively organising for decent work or trans people who are building a movement to secure bodily autonomy.

Thematic portfolios

We provide most of our grants through three thematic portfolios –BodyMoney and Voice. Our accompaniment grants provide groups opportunities to strengthen their skills, knowledge and networks. Opportunity grants enable us to demonstrate solidarity or play a part in supporting initiatives that reflect our values, vision and mission, but fall outside our other grantmaking criteria.

Better funding

Mama Cash is committed to providing better funding. That means flexible, core and longer-term funding that enables groups to plan ahead, and respond to new challenges and opportunities. We believe in the wisdom of the groups we support. We respect their knowledge, understanding and assessment of their own situation. We give them the space to use their money as they see fit. We seek to accompany them as they evolve and learn.