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May 27, 2015

Grantmaking with a gender lens

The European Foundation Centre’s thematic network on gender equality, has published its first collaborative work, titled “Grantmaking with a gender lens.”

The report  looks at a number of foundation programmes - criminal justice, climate change, migration, labour rights, workers’ health and disability. Using five case studies, including one of Mama Cash and our grantee partner the Serene Secular Social Service Society, the report shows how including a gender lens makes our work as foundations more effective.
"Grantmaking with a gender lens" also tackles a persistent myth about gender and how it supposedly refers only to women’s issues. A lot of work foundations do is about people. Therefore foundations have to consider how gender norms affect women and girls; as well as men and boys; and people who identify differently, like trans* and intersex people. If we fail to recognise these differences we risk our programmes becoming ineffective and not fully reaching their intended impact. As shown in our GrantCraft guide "Funding for Inclusion", a gender perspective is not an additional burden, it is merely recognising how gender is already affecting our work.


Download "Grantmaking with a gender lens" >>