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Alongside of our grants, we accompany groups as they evolve and develop according to their own vision. An organisation may want to change its governance structure or develop a strategic plan. Another may want to expand fundraising efforts or train a new generation of activists. Whatever path they choose, Mama Cash accompanies them along the way.

A range of support

Accompaniment can be financial support to cover capacity building, organisational development, networking and fundraising opportunities. It can be money for a staff person to attend a conference or travel to visit a potential donor. It can cover the costs of working with a consultant or of participating in a workshop. It can also be one-on-one advice from Mama Cash staff. We may provide feedback on a grant proposal or put groups in contact with peer organisations.

Mama Cash also provides accompaniment grants to enable groups to participate in collective activities that meet a specific need. An accompaniment grant supported more than forty groups funded by Mama Cash to participate in the 2016 AWID International Forum in Brazil. There they joined nearly 2,000 feminist activists from around the world to learn, share and develop joint action agendas for equality, rights, justice and sustainability.