Shifting power, sharing power, and, ultimately, transforming power is at the heart of Mama Cash’s history, vision, and mission.” 

Mama Cash measures its success in the depth and breadth of the collective struggles and movements – led by women, girls, trans and intersex activists – it resources. From Poland to Uganda, Nepal to Honduras, the USA to Jordan, our grantee-partners, sister-funds and strategic partners embody powerful feminist stories of radical challenges to abusive, marginalising, stigmatising and oppressive power. In our 2022 Annual Report, we look back upon a year of harnessing and strengthening the transformative power of feminist activism, worldwide. 

2022 – the year of feminist power sharing 

Mama Cash appointed two Co-Executive Directors, so as to begin to break with the patriarchal leadership models that are commonplace within the global donor sector. Mama Cash also transitioned its entire grantmaking portfolio to participatory decision-making processes. Feminist activists, from around the world, set Mama Cash’s resourcing priorities, lead grant applications screenings and reviews, and collectively make decisions on grant awards. Feminist activism works, yes – and so does feminist leadership!  

2022 – the year of exceeding our own ambitious targets 

In 2022, we raised €21,384,874 – exceeding our overall income target – by increasing our income from individual donors and doubling our income from foundations. This allowed us to nearly double the percentage of eligible applicants funded by the Resilience Fund, our largest grantmaking programme, as well as increase our accompaniment support by more than fivefold.  

2022 – the year of impactful alliances 

Our strategic partnerships – GAGGA, RUF and CMI! – not only carried out important research and key strategic advocacy; they also secured increased funding for sex workers’ movements, ecofeminist organising, and the protection of women human rights and climate justice defenders. Securing more and better funding for feminist activism continues to drive us forward! 

Amid a world facing grave challenges, feminist movements around the globe are growing in strength and vibrancy. Together with your support, Mama Cash will continue to play an essential role in ensuring that feminism blossoms and thrives.  

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