As our Executive Director Zohra Moosa notes, a lot of her job is about trying to get people to become feminists; to practice feminism. But what does it actually mean when everyone starts calling themselves feminists?

As she asks: “Am I hugely persuasive, or is this a disaster?” In the third episode of Tea with Mama Cash, hosts Zohra Moosa and Director of Programmes Happy Mwende Kinyili talk global solidarity in relation to the rise of pop feminism. How global is this trend really? And what effects is it having (or not) for feminist activists in different contexts?

“How are we making sure that it’s not only in the public spaces that all these shifts are happening, but also in the private realm, or the everydayness? How are we shifting things systemically?”

What do you think: the more people using the word, the better? Or do you agree with Happy, who believes calling yourself a feminist “means you have to do something in a certain way, you have to make decisions in a certain way, you have to be about fundamentally shifting power”?

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