This year marks the fourth year of our partnership with the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). For us, the IDFA partnership has been more than a collaboration; given IDFA’s long-standing history of supporting feminist artists and critical art, the partnership has been a strategic choice in the face of global challenges.  

The partnership has been a way to confront the challenges and inequities that persist, shinning a light on stories often left untold. In a world where narratives shape perceptions and policy and many activists are muzzled, we believe in the power of film to make resistance visible, to document our truths, and to create a platform for discussion, analysis and advocacy. 

This year is unlike the other years, there is an additional ask: 

This year we recognise the need to use this privileged platform of hosting a Q&A session to focus on the Palestinian struggle, as called for by the Palestinian Film Institute (PFI). 

The documentary we are hosting is by Kenyan Filmmakers, Meena Nanji, Zippy Kimundu, titled Our Land Our Freedom” 2023. The documentary captures issues and topics that Mama Cash is working on, such as land and decolonial justice, human rights and self-led feminist activism  

It draws compelling parallels with contemporary events, emphasising the significance of acknowledging and reflecting upon the tragic loss of lives in Palestine and Israel today.  

We recognise the rich tradition of feminist activists throughout the Global South that understand Palestine’s struggle to be part and part of their own struggles against colonialism and imperialism, and vice versa. As intersectional feminists bearing witness to Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestine, we recognise the histories of imperialism, capitalism, colonialism, genocide, ecocide and patriarchy embedded in this conflict.