‘Embrace the feminist call to action, and join us in sharing the love, celebrating the change, and championing the cause of justice everywhere.’

40 Years of Feminist Activism 

2023 marked a milestone for us at Mama Cash, as we celebrated our 40th anniversary. In our year-long campaign, ‘For Love. For Change. For Justice,’ we honoured the founders, donors, grantee-partners, staff, and feminist movements that shaped our journey. We also commissioned an in-depth study to highlight our impact since 1983

Did you know that over four decades, we’ve provided €140 million in funding to feminist movements worldwide? This has supported activists fighting for rights across diverse issues, from climate justice to gender violence. In the words of Semerian Sankori, Founder and Executive Director at Patinaai Osim, an Indigenous organisation in Kenya: ‘Now we’re a community where women can stand up and say: this is right, and this is wrong.’ 


As pandemic restrictions eased in 2023, feminist movements gained momentum, reconnecting at events like Nepal’s National Conference on Indigenous Women’s Rights and Nigeria’s Women’s Climate Assembly. Despite facing increased violence and repression, groups like Intersex Asia, Intersex Nigeria, and Uganda’s Send A Girl made significant strides in promoting justice and rights. We stood in solidarity with Palestinian feminists and provided emergency support to Sudanese feminist organisations. 

In 2023, we intensified collaboration with other feminist funds to navigate growing funding barriers and supported advocacy efforts through the Count Me In! (CMI!) Consortium and the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA). We also strengthened our practice of co-leadership, reflecting our commitment to feminist, participatory decision-making.  

Share the love 

With your support, we stay committed to resourcing feminist movements, inspired by their courage and creativity. Let’s share the love, celebrate the change, and champion the cause of justice everywhere! 

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