Change is invariably catalysed by those who experience injustice and know what needs to change. Women’s rights organisations and women human rights defenders are the drivers of social, economic and political change. Yet women’s rights organisations are severely under-funded: only 1% of gender equality funding from international institutions and governments goes to autonomous groups led by women.

Count Me In! partners and members channel resources directly to women’s human rights defenders, civil society organisations and movements. We lobby governments, multi-lateral donors and global funding initiatives to ensure that money is specifically allocated to women’s rights organisations and to women human rights defenders. Since its founding in 2015, CMI! has supported 789+ initiatives in 32 countries with €19.5 million euros.In these times of closing civic space, it is increasingly important to strengthen women’s, girls’ and trans people’s rights groups so they can continue their work for human rights, equality and justice. Count Me In! members and partners have achieved significant success, despite this challenging political context.From sex workers in India uniting to halt a damaging bill to women farmers winning land rights in Kenya, read about our accomplishments and some of our success stories in Count Me In! Realising Women’s Rights.

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