Supervisory Board member and Co-chair

Oriana has been a feminist activist for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health since she was 15 years old. Based in Mexico, she has worked for the Ministry of Health, and in various organisations and networks to develop strategies to disseminate and promote Sexual Rights and Sexual and Reproductive Health for women, youth and adolescents. Since 2007 she has been advocating for Sexual and Reproductive Justice at the national, regional and international levels. Since 2010 she has specialised in training abortion doulas and since 2012 in reducing abortion stigma at the individual and community levels. Ms. Lopez is a member of RESURJ, a Global South-led transnational feminist alliance, and a member of Vecinas Feministas, a Latin-American Network of Feminists for Sexual and Reproductive Justice. She is the co-chair for the Supervisory Board of Mama Cash.

Oriana is Mexican and currently lives in Mexico