Our values



We embrace and encourage respect for diversity in our organisation and among our partners. This includes actively promoting the rights of lesbians and bisexual women, intersex people and trans people, adolescent girls and young women, women living with HIV/AIDS, indigenous women, migrant women, sex workers, women living in poverty, women from ethnic or religious minorities, and women with disabilities.


We are open to bold, innovative strategies, responsive to changing circumstances, ready to take advantage of strategic opportunities, and prepared to share the risks inherent in the work of resisting and transforming oppressive structures and systems.


We are dedicated to forging collaborative partnerships with donors, grantees, and other organisations in order to achieve shared goals.


We are committed to being accountable, evaluating and communicating the outcomes of our grantmaking, and to sharing what we have learned about doing successful social justice philanthropy.


We are determined to make real, lasting improvements in people’s lives by inspiring others to join us in this work and contributing to it financially.

Environmental Sustainability

Mama Cash is committed to promote an organisational culture that recognises the importance of sustainable practices. We do this both internally in the workplace, as well as externally when working with partners and suppliers.

Mama Cash’s commitment to sustainability is taken into account across the organisation:

  • we promote good sustainability practices,
  • we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our activities when possible,
  • and we support an environmentally conscious office culture.

Mama Cash staff is dedicated to continue to decrease our environmental footprint by:

  • Decreasing our energy consumption,
  • Reduce, recycle and re-use of products,
  • Including suppliers performance on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in our selection criteria. 

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for the groups we support. Mama Cash is part of GAGGA: the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action. GAGGA's goal is to catalyse the collective power of the women´s rights and environmental justice movements towards realising a world in which women can and do exercise their rights to water, food security and a clean, healthy, and safe environment.