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Our history

In 1983, Mama Cash became the first international women’s fund, and we are  still going strong. What began as a small-scale but visionary initiative of five feminists around a kitchen table in Amsterdam has since then grown into a leading and professional international Fund. Every year, we support thousands of women, girls, trans people and intersex people in their fight for their rights. Brave activists who, despite others’ attempts to oppress them, raise their voices, take risks, and won’t rest until fundamental changes take place.

The story of Mama Cash’s growth offers a glimpse into the developments of more than thirty years of feminist activism in and beyond the Netherlands. For this reason, we launched a special History website for Mama Cash’s 30th anniversary, where we’ve collected stories about the history of Mama Cash. These stories show how, again and again, Mama Cash blazed new trails, but at the same time has stayed true to her fundamental values of courage and radical diligence.

Curious about the roots of the current Mama Cash and about all the staff, volunteers, advisors, funds, governments, donors and groups who have made Mama Cash who she is today? Take a look at