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About Mama Cash

It all began with five feminists sitting around a kitchen table in Amsterdam. One of them had inherited a substantial sum of money that she wanted to put to work. Together they came up with the idea to create a fund to financially support and stimulate women’s rights movements.

Almost four decades later, Mama Cash is still just that: a driving force behind feminist activism and a supporter of women’s, girl’s, trans people’s and intersex people's movements worldwide. 

Revolutionary potential 

We support more than 130 organisations, networks and women’s funds annually. Since 1983, Mama Cash has distributed more than 84 million euro in grants to women’s, girl’s, trans and intersex groups who make their demands loud and clear.

Women, girls, trans people and intersex people who get pushed to the margins of their communities– and take a stand against it – are our priority. Girls working in clothing factories who say no to exploitation. Indigenous women who oppose multinational companies that destroy their homes and the environment. Sex workers who fight back against sexual harassment and police violence. Women with HIV who defend themselves from forced sterilisation.

When these women, girls and trans people visibly, audibly and tangibly claim their rights and existence, there is tremendous potential for revolution. 

Money, knowledge, networks

Activists who stand up for women’s, girls’, trans people's and intersex people's rights have plenty of energy, vision and ambition. What they tend to lack is money. But not only that: a lack of moral support and the feeling of being in it alone can weigh heavy.

That’s why Mama Cash doesn’t only provide financial support. We also exchange information and offer networking opportunities. After all, knowledge is power: developing strategies with fellow activists provides inspiration and support, and often results in a larger impact.

Because feminist activism works Join us