What we do

Each year, Mama Cash supports about 100 courageous groups, organisations, networks and women’s funds that are  led by women, girls and trans people. Our grantees are at the forefront of the fight for the rights of those who have most often been ignored or rejected not only by society but also by more mainstream funders.

To make this support possible, Mama Cash raises funds from individuals, corporations, foundations and governments. With the money we raise, we provide both financial and non-financial support to women’s, girls’ and trans rights organisations worldwide. We also use our unique position as a feminist grantmaker to influence other donors to give more money to women’s and girls’ rights internationally.
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Grantees of Mama Cash speak out. They focus on injustices that would otherwise go unnoticed, that need to be challenged and that demand courage and vision to change. Mama Cash’s grantees create and build upon strategic opportunities to bring about change at the community, national, regional and global level. And they need resources to continue and expand the work they do.

Mama Cash awards grants to groups, organisations and networks led by and working for the human rights of women, girls and trans people.
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Each year, Mama Cash gives around 100 grants to women’s, girls’ and trans rights groups that are working to change the world. Find out about our current grantees.
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Mama Cash supports grantees with more than money. The process we call accompaniment includes providing and facilitating trainings, asking questions that help grantees link their activities to long-term objectives and connecting grantees to each other and to other funders.

Accompaniment also means that we stand together. Mama Cash recognises the leadership and expertise that grantees bring to the table when we are working together to develop strategies and opportunities for change.
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If we want to fundamentally shift philanthropic dialogues and decisions, we must change the terms of the conversation. Mama Cash’s role goes beyond funding and supporting grantees. We commission research, initiate conversations and ask questions that encourage foundations and governments to provide support to women, girls and trans people.

Mama Cash adds value by partnering with peers and influencing the ways that other institutions channel their funds. We call this influencing philanthropy.
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Mama Cash is committed to understanding how social change happens. How are grantees contributing to positive changes in the lives of women, girls and trans people? How can we, at Mama Cash, measure our own contributions?

We explore these and other questions through our Learning and Evaluation framework, developed in collaboration with donors and grantees.
Mama Cash supports women’s, girls’ and trans people’s rights beyond our four grantmaking portfolios, usually in collaboration with other organisations or funders that promote human rights activism.

Our role can be as a facilitator, host, fundraiser or strategy advisor. We are currently involved in two special initiatives: the Red Umbrella Fund and the Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders.
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Mama Cash was founded by five feminist activists who were critical of the power associated with money, but who were, at the same time, convinced of the radical potential of women wielding resources.

In the years since our inception, we have been adamant about our unique position as not only a grantmaking organisation, but as a fundraiser.
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