As we approach International Women’s Day on March 8th – and so too the Mama Cash Feminist Festival – we return with a new episode of Tea with Mama Cash to ponder some of those tough questions about engaging with arts, culture and media as a feminist. What does it look like to consume (often problematic) popular culture as feminists? How, if at all, can we relate to art outside of a capitalist framework of consumption and production? What makes art political, or feminist? And how exactly can art help change the world?

“I’ve consumed an idea about the world that actually doesn’t match how I walk through the world. And that’s true for so many people.”

Tune in for the tea – and for two new segments! (can we still say “new year, new you” in February?) – with your hosts, our Executive Director Zohra Moosa and Director of Programmes Happy Mwende Kinyili on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts/iTunes or Stitcher.