Have you ever been in the women’s bathroom and received a compliment from a stranger, hear someone ask if anyone has deodorant, and witness yet someone else in tears being comforted by new friends over a heartbreak? That energy is exactly what Strictly Silk is about – and not just in the bathroom, but throughout the whole venue.

“There’s a certain vibe that the space gives you. You can’t believe that you can feel that free.”

Conceptualised in Nairobi, Kenya by multidisciplinary arts collective The Nest, Strictly Silk is a party for and by women and non-binary people. And on March 7th, the first international edition of Strictly Silk will take place at Radio Radio in Amsterdam to kick off the Mama Cash Feminist Festival!

We took the opportunity to speak to two of its founding members, Njeri Gitungo and Dr. Akati Khasiani, about the relationship between the arts and activism, how and why Strictly Silk got its start, and why women and queer folk reclaiming the dance floor is a feminist act.

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