Director of People, Finance & Operations.

Harriët Sterenborg joins Mama Cash in April 2024 as Director of People, Finance & Operations. After studying Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, Harriët right away worked in the non-profit sector. She began her career at Partos, the Dutch branch association for development cooperation. From 2008 onwards, she worked at CBF, the Dutch Fundraising Regulator. Since 2015 she held the position of Finance and Operations Manager. She brings to Mama Cash extensive experience in designing and implementing sound financial operations, compliance mechanisms and fostering collaboration within the organisation. 

Why do you like working for Mama Cash?  

Advancing women’s rights helps us to combat discrimination and inequality, leading to greater opportunities, freedom and well-being for women and girls, and trans and intersex people. I am motivated to use my skills and experience to contribute to this goal. With my team I will do so by providing a stable basis for the internal organisation, implementing improvements in processes or systems and providing cohesion within the organisation. 

What makes Mama Cash stand out?  

Mama Cash focuses on financially supporting women, girls, trans and intersex people who stand up for their rights and equality. The organization stands for inclusivity and diversity. This is reflected within the organisation, with board members and staff spread across the world.  

What is the point on the horizon you’re working towards?  

Mama Cash is committed to advancing women’s rights and gender equality on a global scale. Working here allows me to actively contribute to supporting women, girls, and trans and intersex people who are fighting for their rights and empowerment. Equality between people is essential for a just society. The work of Mama Cash contributes to a better and more just world.