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The Radical Love Fund

The Radical Love Fund is Mama Cash’s newest participatory grantmaking fund. The Fund will support individual feminist activists with grants to do feminist activism by coordinating or catalysing projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Radical Love Fund work?

The Radical Love Fund will accept nominations for grants from any current member of Mama Cash staff, as well as any current Board member or Global Advisory Network member. Funding may be related to, but is not limited to, consciousness-raising personal-political work, creative enterprises, learning and documenting feminist histories and realities, facilitating networking that strengthens bonds across groups or movements, and building just realities and futures through practice and sharing.

Who can apply? Any individual based anywhere in the world can apply for a Radical Love Fund grant as long as they receive a nomination from a current Mama Cash staff member, Board member or Advisor.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a Radical Love Fund grant?

The nominee must

  • Receive a nomination from a current Mama Cash staff member, Board member or Advisor;
  • Identify as a woman, girl, trans person or intersex person that is directly affected by under addressed and/or contested issues in their context;
  • Have demonstrated significant personal and/or profession experience in the feminist communities and movements that they are part of;
  • Be engaged in work that will advance the agenda of the movement(s) they are a part of;
  • Be engaged in work that pushes for structural and fundamental change;

What does the Radical Love Fund not fund?

  • Businesses or for-profit projects;
  • Individuals based in the Global North that are executing work in the Global South and East;
  • Individuals engaged in the direct work of political parties, government agencies, or religious institutions;
  • Activities that seek to deny the rights of certain women, girls, trans people and intersex people, based on who they are, the work they do or on their position in society.

How will Radical Love Fund decisions be made?

Radical Love Fund proposals will go through a four-step evaluation process:

  • Step 1: All individuals must receive a nomination from a current Mama Cash staff member, Board member or Advisor.
  • Step 2: The Radical Love Governance Committee (RadCom) is composed of two (2) Mama Cash staff members and five (5) Global Advisory Network members who will screen all nominations to ensure that they meet our eligibility criteria. They will also request followup information on long listed candidates via a questionnaire to be completed by the nominated person and endorsements from people who know the nominated person.
  • Step 3: The RadCom will review the information received from the questionnaire and endorsements and decide on a shortlist of applicants;
  • Step 4: The shortlisted applicants will be anonymised and shared with Mama Cash’s pool of advisors for final decision-making on the cohort of fellows.

When can I apply for a Radical Love Fund grant?

In order to apply for a Radical Love Fund grant you will need to contact and receive a nomination from a current Mama Cash staff member, Board member, or Advisor. They will submit the application on your behalf via an online application form.

What are the size of Radical Love grants?

All Radical Love Fund fellows will receive a one-time grant of €10.000 euro. The fellowship period will last one (1) year and is renewable, if needed, for up to a second year with no additional funding. In 2022, ten (10) fellows will be selected to receive a Radical Love grant.

What is expected of Radical Love Fellowship recipients?

All Radical Love grant recipients will be part of a yearly fellowship. Fellows will be expected to collectively engage with each other at least twice during their fellowship year, to report back, and to share and learn about each other’s work. In addition, grant recipients will be given opportunities to share and showcase their work to the broader Mama Cash community.

Where can I find more information?

If you have any additional questions about the Radical Love Fund, please send an email to