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August 1, 2019

Tea with Mama Cash: Consumer power, collective power

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“Whoever convinced us that we are consumers? We are earthlings.”

On this episode of Tea with Mama Cash, hosts Zohra and Happy - along with our first ever guest (!), Chihiro Geuzebroek of Climate Liberation Bloc - tackle the question that many of us keep returning to: what do we do with the contradictions that emerge between our politics and our personal lifestyle choices? From plastic straws and public transport to makeup and diapers - how much do the choices we make about how and what we consume matter in the big picture? 

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Special thanks to our guest Chihiro Geuzebroek, co-founder of our Spark grantee-partners Climate Liberation Bloc. Learn more about Chihiro's work at 

This episode includes a segment from FCAM, Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres, which is a partner and ally of Mama Cash, and not a "grantee-partner" as mistakenly stated.