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mural by Panmela Castro in shades of pink and red, close up of eyes

Our funders


Mama Cash does not stand alone in her mission to advance the rights and opportunities of women, girls, trans people and intersex people. Together with national and international funders– both institutions and governments– we work towards a better world for women, girls people and intersex people.

Foundations, governments and corporate funders for Mama Cash:


Foundations, governments and corporate funders for Red Umbrella Fund:

  • Beth Jacobs Fund, a fund of Tides Foundation


Donor-advised funds

A donor-advised fund is a personal way to actively and structurally support Mama Cash. While most people like donating money and leaving the decision-making to Mama Cash, there’s also a growing number of individuals, foundations and businesses that also want a say in how their donation is being spent.

Mama Cash has four donor-advised funds:

  • Anneke van Baalen/De Bonte Was Fund
  • Fund for Justice and Sustainability
  • Judith Anna Vega Fund
  • Kitty’s Green Fund