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Leave behind money for women's rights

A great way to pass along your feminist ideals!

When you include Mama Cash in your will, you leave behind more than just money. You pass on your belief that a better world is both necessary and possible. And you keep alive your conviction that activists and organisations that stand up for women’s rights are the drivers of crucial and lasting change.

Three excellent reasons for leaving money to Mama Cash

  1. 1. You keep movements alive
    The power needed to bring about real change arises when women join forces and work together to achieve what is necessary. When you leave money to Mama Cash, you are helping to create opportunities for new generations of activists fighting for women's rights. This is important, as the organisations and movements that Mama Cash support receive very little funding from mainstream sources. 
  1. 2. You give more than money
    By including Mama Cash in your will, you pass on your belief that a better world is both necessary and possible. You also send a strong message of trust and solidarity to the women who are on the frontlines of the struggle for change. 
  1. 3. You can trust Mama Cash
    Although Mama Cash is sometimes radical, we are also always careful. We know how to use money to achieve lasting results. We believe in offering support and networking opportunities in addition to money, so that groups can grow in size and impact. Furthermore, we plant seeds for new women's funds all over the world. In this way, we increase feminists' control over their own resources.

Here’s how to make the arrangements

The information on this page about leaving behind money for women's rights is based on the Dutch context. If you live outside the Netherlands, please contact Baya Sharkaeva at  or 020 - 5158745.

Making a bequest to Mama Cash is not complicated. All you need to do is work out your wishes and record them in a will. If there is no will, the law will determine who your heirs are. If you wish to leave part of your money, house or possessions to Mama Cash, this must be written down in a will.

If you want to know how, we have a handy step-by-step plan for including Mama Cash in your will.

In addition to a will, there are other possibilities for leaving money to Mama Cash: a named fund or a collection during your farewell. 

Request our Dutch brochure ‘Leave behind money for women's rights’

Would you like more information?

Are you considering donating your estate, or part of it, to Mama Cash but would like more information before moving ahead? Please do not hesitate to contact Baya Sharkaeva at or 020 - 5158745. Together with our notarial advisor, she will be happy to give you all the information you need to make a well-considered decision.