Mama Cash in your will

Leaving a legacy is about a lot more than just giving money. When you leave a legacy gift to women's rights, you send a powerful message: your belief that a better world is essential and possible. That organisations like Mama Cash and the groups we support, can be catalysts for meaningful change.

Maaike will support Mama Cash even after she passes away.

She supports Mama Cash, even after she passes away.Maaike Meijer: “I’ve known about Mama Cash for a long time; some of my best friends helped start this amazing initiative. What appeals to me personally, is that Mama Cash focuses explicitly and exclusively on women's rights. All over the world women face setbacks, and when you are witness to inequality you have to - in my opinion - be radical and take sides with those who have the least rights."

"Mama Cash focuses on ensuring that women have more of a say, and maintains direct links with the best women’s initiatives in the world. They focus on empowerment but all their programmes invariably also touch on themes such as sexuality, homosexuality, trans rights and sexual rights – which I support completely. The combination of all those aspects makes me admire Mama Cash enormously. I therefore support her 100% and do everything I can to support her work."

A legacy enables you to really make a difference, not just financial but spiritual. This will be my final gift to the world.


"I regularly donate to Mama Cash. I’ve given them a central place in my will. I love the idea that I’ll be leaving a legacy when my life is over. It’s always slightly unpleasant to talk about your own death but it’s only realistic to prepare for the fact that one day it’ll happen! I think that leaving money to an organisation like Mama Cash can make the prospect of dying easier; it’s better to pass away knowing that your money is going to a good cause. There just aren't that many ways to combat inequality and injustice, a legacy enables you to really make a difference, not just financial but spiritual. This will be my final gift to the world.”

More information

Would you like to find out more about leaving part or all of your estate to Mama Cash? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need to arrive at a decision that is right for you.

Contact Janine van Doorn by phone (+31)205158745 or email: You can also request the Dutch legacy brochure here.

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