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How to leave a legacy to Mama Cash

Do you want to include Mama Cash in your will? The following step-by-step plan shows you how.

1. List your wishes

To whom you would like to leave a legacy? You can name one or more beneficiaries in your will. In addition to your loved ones, this can also be a charity like Mama Cash. You can decide who will receive what part or percentage of your estate.

2. Choose whether to bequeath a fixed amount or a percentage to Mama Cash 

You may decide to leave Mama Cash a certain amount of money or specific assets such as stock portfolios or real estate. This kind of bequest is called a pecuniary legacy. This is a good option when you want to be very specific about the amount of money or number of possessions you wish to leave to Mama Cash. 

You can also choose to leave Mama Cash a percentage or the entirety of your estate. You do this by making Mama Cash an heir or co-heir and leave Mama Cash a so-called residuary bequest. Mama Cash is then entitled to a share of your estate, as determined by you, possibly alongside other heirs such as children, other family members, or another charity. If you wish, you can also designate Mama Cash as your sole heir. 

The notary can advise which form of bequest best suits your wishes. 

Value for money
Mama Cash, as a charity with ANBI status, does not have to pay any inheritance tax. This means that 100% of your donation goes to women, girls and trans and intersex people all over the world.

3. If necessary, appoint an executor 

The executor is the person who will carry out your will. This can be the notary, but it could also be a family member or a good friend. You can specify who your executor will be in your will. 

Mama Cash as executor
Do you wish to bequeath all or the bulk of your estate to Mama Cash? Then Mama Cash may be able to fulfil the role of executor and handle the inheritance. This means that Mama Cash will take care of your administration, the possible sale of your house, and the cleaning up of your household effects. We would be happy to discuss this option with you and our notarial advisor in a personal meeting.

4. Make an appointment with a notary 

Make an appointment with a notary to draw up or amend your will. This can be done by any notary, but it’s best to choose one who specialises in family law. The notary will advise you on the best way to record everything and will prepare a draft will for you to read through at home.

Your notary will need the following details:
Stichting Mama Cash
Eerste Helmersstraat 17 D
1054 CX Amsterdam
Chamber of Commerce number 41202535.

How to find a notary
You can easily find a notary in your neighbourhood at There are no fixed prices, so feel free to ask for several quotations.

You can also arrange a simple will online at a lower cost, for example via Nunotariaat. You then only have to visit the notary once to sign your will.

5. Sign your will

Have your wishes been captured in the draft will? Then you can make a follow-up appointment to sign the will. The notary will register the will in the Central Register of Wills (Centraal Testamenten Register) so that it can always be traced after your death. 

6. If you wish, inform Mama Cash

We would be happy to know if you have included Mama Cash in your will. We can also send you regular updates on our work if you wish. This might make you feel even better about your decision to include Mama Cash in your will!

Please do not hesitate to contact Janine van Doorn, Mama Cash’s expert on legacies, about this or other aspects of making a bequest to Mama Cash, at or 020 - 5158745.