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Examples of Mama Cash grantee partners


Fundação AzMina
This association of feminist journalists uses technology, social media and investigative journalism to challenge and change the prevailing culture of prejudice, sexism, racism and homophobia in Brazil. Through a digital platform and an offline community, AzMina exposes the daily abuses women and trans people of all races, classes and sexual orientations face and serves as a channel to amplify their voices. The group offers a series of free online courses for teachers, produced by AzMina in partnership with thematic specialists, with the aim of contributing to a more egalitarian and democratic society.


Colectiva Polimorfas
Colectiva Polimorfas is a collective of women with ‘functional diversity’. They choose this language because they believe that the word ‘disability’ is stigmatising and suggests a lack of capacity. They recognise a diversity of ways in which people function and reject seeing this diversity as ‘disability’.

They work to make visible the violence that women with functional diversity face and collectively organise to resist this violence. The collective works at the nexus of disability and sexuality rights by ensuring that the sexual and reproductive rights of women with functional diversity are protected and fulfilled.


Diverse Voices and Action for Equality (DIVA)
DIVA for Equality is a feminist collective of lesbians, bisexual women, transmasculine people and other marginalised women working to challenge the social norms and structural discrimination that fuel violence, discrimination and stigma and to secure universal human rights and social justice for LGBTQI+ people. This group also mobilises its community around social, economic and ecological issues. DIVA for Equality’s activism and support to the communities in which it works includes creating and facilitating safe spaces to organise and articulate political agendas, building stronger social movements and increasing levels of constructive collaboration in wider civil society and social movements.


Green Girls Platform
This girls and young women-led organisation focuses on bringing the voices of their constituents to the centre of the political discourse on climate justice. The Green Girls Platform supports the development of girls and young women's leadership skills so that they can spotlight the impact of climate change on their rights and livelihoods.


Fondo de aborto para la justicia social (Fondo MARIA)
Fondo MARIA has supported and advocated for abortion access in Mexico since 2009, when Mexico City decriminalised abortion. The fund supports women seeking legal abortion services and advocates for changes to laws that restrict reproductive autonomy in Mexico. Fondo MARIA also supports women from states in Mexico where abortion is criminalised to access it safely and legally in Mexico City.


And Soppeku
And Soppeku (meaning ‘together for a change in behaviour’) aims to improve sex workers’ knowledge of their rights and achieve legal reform in Senegal to ensure that sex work is respected as work. And Soppeku provides leadership training for sex workers and engages in advocacy with parliamentarians and other politicians. The group is comprised of sex workers who live and work in the cities of Dakar, Mbour and Thiès.


Roma Women's Centre 'Rromnjako ilo'
This organisation of Roma women, trans people and intersex people focuses on ending violence and challenging norms about sex, gender and sexuality in their own communities and in broader Serbian society. They use peer support groups, and offer workshops on sexuality, health and human rights. Rromnjako Ilo also supports women who have experienced violence, providing counselling and legal advice.

Sri Lanka

Red Flag Women's Movement
Red Flag Women's Movement (RFWM) is made up of women workers in Sri Lanka who are supporting workers on tea and rubber plantations and in the garment and domestic work sectors to take up leadership in trade unions. RFWM is building the capacities of women workers to address women’s labour rights and advocate for the inclusion of issues such as minimum wage and health and safety in government and company policy regulations and in company management.