Examples of Mama Cash grantee partners


International Women Space (Voice)
This refugee-led women's group works to change the German legislative framework regulating the status of asylum seekers, particularly the recognition of gender-based persecution as a reason for women to be granted asylum. The International Women Space provides women a safe space to meet and tell their stories and raises awareness that these stories of persecution are political.

Iz kruga-Vojvodina (Body)
A feminist disability rights organisation, Iz Kruga Vojvodina engages with the women’s and disability rights movements, the government and the public about the rights of disabled women in the Serbian province of Vojvodina. The group works to secure human rights for women with disabilities through policy advocacy and addresses the relationship between sexuality, gender and disability through art and performance.

SZEXE (money)
SZEXE is a human rights-focused, sex worker-led organisation that supports sex workers in Hungary and Hungarian sex workers abroad. SZEXE’s builds the leadership capacities of sex workers to network, mobilise, campaign and interact with media to reduce the stigma around sex work. SZEXE aims for sex workers in and around Budapest to know and advance their human rights, to improve their access to health and social services, and to campaign for more sensitive national policies on sex work. 

ESTRATEGIA Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo (ECID) (Money)
This women's land and property rights organisation was founded by women architects, urban planners and activists from Lima. The group works with community women to secure land tenure, lead community-based advocacy campaigns for women's land rights and promote women's leadership in decision-making and policy formation at community and national levels.

5Harfliler (Voice)
This feminist group of bloggers works to influence the way that mainstream media portrays women’s rights and gender equality in Turkey. 5Harfliler publishes articles on its website, providing a feminist analysis of everyday events, including those that are not considered to be about “women’s interests” such as science, literature and politics. 5Harfliler facilitates the presence of women’s voices and experiences on the internet to challenge their exclusion and raises public awareness on sexism in Turkey.

Transbantu Association Zambia (Body)
This organisation supports the trans and intersex community, primarily young people, in Zambia through outreach and practical support, including peer support groups, counselling and emergency shelter. It aims to build a strong trans and intersex movement through training and capacity building, and advocates for policies and institutional practices that respect the human rights of trans and intersex people.

AMIHAN Northern Mindanao (Money)
AMIHAN is an organisation of peasant and Indigenous women in the agricultural sector, advocating for recognition of their land and economic rights. The group supports women human rights defenders in Northern Mindanao who are speaking out against evictions, destruction of property and confiscation of community land which results from land deals and feudal land policies. The group also runs a climate change response programme which supports communities affected by natural disasters.

Sri Lanka
Red Flag Women’s Movement (Money)
This group of women workers in Sri Lanka is supporting workers from the tea and rubber plantation, garment and domestic work sectors to take up leadership in trade unions. RFWM is building the capacities of women workers to address women’s labour rights and advocate for the inclusion of issues such as minimum wage and health and safety in policy regulations, as well as for women’s participation in the leadership and management of the companies.