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Examples of Mama Cash grantee partners

No Tan Distintes
No Tan Distintes is an organisation committed to building a network of connections and resources that promote new housing, work and activism projects, new modes of collective, antiracist and anti-patriarchal life for women, lesbians, trans and non-binary people who are or have been homeless.

Mujeres Amazonicas Defensoras de la Selva frente al Extractivismo
This collective of Amazonian women defenders of the forest works to protect the physical and psychological integrity of Amazonian women in Ecuador, and to defend the rights of nature against extractivism. They do this by engaging in advocacy campaigns, mobilising themselves, and influencing the government to respect their rights and to protect the Amazon.

Green Girls Platform
This girls and young women-led organisation focuses on bringing the voices of their constituents to the centre of the political discourse on climate justice. The Green Girls Platform supports the development of girls and young women's leadership skills so that they can spotlight the impact of climate change on their rights and livelihoods.

Persatuan Sahabat Wanita Selangor (Friends of Women) (PSWS)
This women workers’ organisation gives empowerment and leadership trainings on labour organising to women workers so they can take up leadership positions in existing labour unions or organise new unions. The group trains employees in electronics, garment and agriculture companies, as well as home-based workers, domestic workers and contract cleaning workers. In cooperation with women’s rights and labour organisations in Malaysia, PSWS also advocates for improved national legislation and implementation of existing laws on issues such as minimum wage, sexual harassment in the workplace and migrant workers’ rights.

Women Forum for Women in Nepal
This network of women and girls in the informal entertainment sector(which includes massage parlours and restaurants with dance performances or other shows) advocates for the improvement of their working conditions. The group demands respect for their human and labour rights. They advocate for work regulations and standards in the formal work sector to apply to the entertainment sector.

And Soppeku
And Soppeku (meaning ‘together for a change in behaviour’) aims to improve sex workers’ knowledge of their rights and achieve legal reform in Senegal to ensure that sex work is respected as work. And Soppeku provides leadership training for sex workers and engages in advocacy with parliamentarians and other politicians. The group is comprised of sex workers who live and work in the cities of Dakar, Mbour and Thiès.

Sri Lanka
Red Flag Women's Movement
Red Flag Women's Movement (RFWM) is made up of women workers in Sri Lanka who are supporting workers on tea and rubber plantations and in the garment and domestic work sectors to take up leadership in trade unions. RFWM is building the capacities of women workers to address women’s labour rights and advocate for the inclusion of issues such as minimum wage and health and safety in government and company policy regulations and in company management.