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June 14, 2022

Challenging the Future: Co-inspiring Change. Attacks on democracy in Europe and Latin America. Feminist Voices.


One of the characteristics of the current democracy crisis, not only in Latin America and Europe but worldwide, is the rise and strengthening of far-right parties and political and religious fundamentalism. It is ironic that political positions that are essentially anti-democratic, are strengthening and expanding under the guise of democracy. Perhaps this is one of the consequences of exclusionary, predatory, capitalist democracies that deny rights to a large part of the population.
Since October 1, 2019, the 20 funds involved in this project have provided donations to more than 143 organizations, two national networks, and a regional network, in 23 countries. We have developed joint communications strategies to promote the defense of women’s human rights and democracy at the local level, and we have put researchers and feminists in contact with grassroots activists.
As a result of the colaboration of 20 women’s funds in Europe and Latin America, we present this research that was coordinated by Diana Granados and Nuria Alabao, and produced with the participation of all the women’s funds and activists that we support.
In this research we could establish that the field of action of feminism goes far beyond the gender claims. It also includes every social and life field.
Understanding the consequences of fundamentalism in society and in our bodies, and thinking together the strategies to counter them are, for us, key steps forward to build the feminist future we dream about.

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