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Important Announcement: Mama Cash will not be accepting Letters of Interest from first-time applicants until 2015.

Earlier in 2014, we decided to pilot a time-limited application window for first-time applicants only. We wanted to respond faster to applicants, be more transparent about what funding was available and applicants’ chances of success, and ensure all new applicants had a more equal chance of being considered.

This time-limited application window was from 6 February – 31 March 2014. Out of 355 applications received, we awarded eight grants for a total of €192,000. Because we do not have any remaining grantmaking budget to spend, Mama Cash will not accept Letters of Interest from first-time applicants for the rest of 2014.

Early 2015, we will announce on our website when we will be open to receive new applications - please check our website regularly if you are interested in applying for a grant.

This change does not affect current grantees planned for renewal in 2014 and 2015.
Mama Cash supports ambitious feminist and women's rights groups and initiatives led by and for women, girls and trans people.
Mama Cash is helping to build a strong global architecture of women's funds so that local and regional women's movements can grow in scale, influence, and collective power.
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