Mama Cash is pleased to welcome our board members Nancy Jouwe and Farah Salka to their new position as board co-chairs.

Nancy Jouwe is a lecturer, researcher, publicist and public speaker, with an interest in intersectionality, colonial history, arts, heritage and intercultural dialogue. She is the project-leader of research project Mapping Slavery, a transnational research project that maps the Dutch colonial history of slavery. As an activist she was involved in the ‘80s and ‘90s with local squatters and transnational queer, indigenous, and feminist movements, including in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific.

Farah Salka is a feminist activist based in Lebanon. She is the Executive Director of the Anti-Racism Movement and works on organizing with migrant communities, asylum seekers and mostly domestic workers and on issues of racism, discrimination and labour rights. She is involved with the Migrant Community Center(s) and is a Human Rights Education Adviser and Trainer.

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