Today we are thrilled to announce the members of our inaugural Community Committee, Mama Cash’s participatory grantmaking body for the Resilience Fund.With input from Mama Cash’s global advisory network, we selected eleven individuals from across the globe with diverse experiences as feminist activists to join the Community Committee  (COM COM).  All members are former grantee partners or advisory members from diverse backgrounds, geographies, thematic expertise, languages, gender identities and sexual orientations.

As Mama Cash transitions to all participatory models for grantmaking, we happily welcome the members of this new committee:

    • Abira Ashfaq (East, South & Southeast Asia and Oceania)
    • Alejandra Sardá-Chandiramani (The Americas and the Carribean)
    • Boglarka Fedorko (Europe, Central and North Asia)
    • Natia Gvianishvili (Europe, Central and North Asia)
  • Nthabiseng Mokoena (Africa and West Asia) 
  • Perla Vázquez (The Americas and the Carribean)
  • Sanjar Kurmanov (Europe, Central and North Asia)
  • Thandiwe Chidavarume (Africa and West Asia)
  • Anonymous (Africa and West Asia)
  • Anonymous (East, South & Southeast Asia and Oceania)
  • Anonymous (East, South & Southeast Asia and Oceania)

Read more about the Global Advisory Network here.

Over the course of their terms, these committee members will make decisions about who receives funding from the Resilience Fund. Community Committee members will also contribute to our grantmaking programme by providing thematic, issue, regional, linguistic and other context analyses in case of need, and by reflecting on the participatory grantmaking programme as we go, and provide feedback and learning to improve our processes. Members of the Committee will receive an annual stipend to cover the costs related to their participation in Community Committee meetings and opportunities to enhance their feminist activism as part of a fellowship programme.