Supervisory Board member

Simone Marschall brings to the board extensive experience of corporate responsibility in the field of strategic finance and operations in a number of high-profile global companies, with a broad focus on the Middle East and Africa.

A born campaigner for women’s rights, she has had the desire for equality for women in work and everyday life impressed upon her from birth by her mother, an early adherent of the feminist faith. 

Her most recent achievements include founding women@amazon and In the former she drew upon workplace experience to further an inclusive and equitable workplace for all employees. The latter is informed by her personal experience as a working parent looking to provide creative, instructive and fun resources for the development of her inquisitive young child. 

Simone is keen to translate the skills acquired in her corporate professional life into advice and action that will benefit Mama Cash and its natural constituency, continuing to advance the exemplary work by the founding women and their successors.

Her mainstream educational attainments to date include an International MBA in Concentration Finance from the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus), Netherlands and an MSc in Social & Organizational Psychology from the University of Leiden, Netherlands.

Simone Marschall is Anglo-Dutch and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.