January 26, 2017

We Shall Thrive

Ellen Ambags
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Ellen Ambags

A poem by Ellen Ambags, programme associate for women’s funds.

At Mama Cash, we look forward to a year of change. After ten years of inspiring us and guiding our work, Nicky McIntyre will be leaving Mama Cash this May. The departure of our Executive Director is a big change for us. We at Mama Cash all experience some form of anxiety around it. What will this change mean for all of us, for our organisation, for our work?

At the same time, we feel that our work is at a crucial stage. Not only our work as the women’s fund Mama Cash, but especially the work of the movements we support.

Worldwide, we are witnessing the shrinking of space for civil society. We see right-wing populist politicians around the world who fuel segregation and racism that exists between groups in our societies. We see millions of people who are de-humanized as they want to migrate to safe countries and are seen as a threat there. We see gains of women’s movements worldwide under threat due to law and policy changes.

Reflecting on all this, for the year(s) ahead, I have written this poem. To inspire us at Mama Cash, but also hopefully you all. To continue our work. To fight back. To jointly rise and thrive!


Eleven years at Mama Cash

Many colleagues came

Many colleagues left

I have seen many changes

We struggled

We thrived

There was fear of change

There was push for change

And here we are

Again at a crossroad

Do we fear?

Do we push?

Do we struggle?

Do we thrive?

No matter what we do

Our support is needed

Now more than ever

We are here for you

Around the globe

So we shall thrive

We shall push

For you

Especially now!


Ellen Ambags, 2017

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