May 25, 2018

We're launching a podcast: Tea with Mama Cash!

Zohra Moosa
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Zohra Moosa

Admit it: some of your most brilliant ideas and best laughs came from the internet.  

There’s also a lot of anger, and a lot of cats. As in life? 

Just as I believe feminists should be all over other cultural mediums like books, newspapers, magazines, radio, movies, TV, concert halls, theatres, galleries, museums – not just as subjects but also as crafters, curators, and decision-makers – I believe they should also be all over the internet.

Why leave the storytelling about our lives to people who aren’t living them? Artists create so that we can imagine; a feminist imaginary requires feminist inspiration.

In addition, as a space where so many of our social norms are being created, debated, and reimagined, the internet is one of the most important platforms of power of our age. The internet is redefining what is normal – and thank goodness for that.

It’s also increasingly the place where we search for meaning – social as well as evidential. Truths, facts, and knowledge are all being defined in reference to whether they can be cited on the internet.

And we dare not underestimate the role of the discursive: we are coming to common agreements through dialogue on the internet in a way that wasn’t possible before. Intersectionality as here to stay, anyone?

I would no more cede this ground to the patriarchy than I would our governments.

And so over a decade ago I started blogging. I was the proudest person when I joined The F-Word, the UK’s leading feminist blog at the time, as a permanent blogger and collective member. For years, it was the place I and other feminists who I was organising with were able to find a strong voice and express our realities, ideas, political analyses, and priorities.

Today, I’m equally excited to be announcing Mama Cash’s new podcast, which I will co-host with our Director of Programmes Happy Mwende Kinyili, as another vehicle where feminisms and other radical politics will get an airing and a welcome reception – to create, debate, reimagine, of course problematize, and also just be.

Come join us for Tea

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