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Mama Cash supports women, girls and trans people who are resolutely demanding the right to tell their stories in their own voices. To have their say and to take the lead in decision-making. In the village square and in their homes. In the hospital and the halls of parliament. On the internet and on the stage.

Across the world, groups and movements of women, girls and trans people are challenging the customs, the images, the policies and laws that silence their voices and deny them access to power and resources.

Shut out and sealed off

Women, girls and trans people continue to be shut out of the places where ideas and opinions are formed and decisions are made. Their influence in the media and art world remains limited. They occupy less than a quarter of seats in national parliaments. Their role within social movements is often circumscribed.

Many countries have laws that expressly forbid women, girls and trans people from being seen or heard. Others simply rely on traditions that are often enforced by the threat – or reality – of exclusion or violence. Sexist and stereotypical images prevail.

Taking centre stage

The power to reshape the world starts with the power to tell your own story. To be able to tell it like it really is. To lead and be listened to. When women with disabilities broadcast their own stories on the radio, listeners learn they are not weak. When sex workers testify at a city council hearing, people see they are not victims. When a girl shouts through a megaphone at a march for peace, her role as a leader is undeniable.

Inspiring others

Mama Cash supports feminist activists that are striving to tell a different story, to reimagine our world, often in bold and innovative ways. Many are using creative forms of expression to provoke thought, expand awareness and plant the seeds that inspire social change. Through music and digital media. Through graffiti and cabaret. Through dance and poetry.

Others are taking to the political stage, mobilising online or in the streets to influence policy and legislation. In their courageous effort to speak up and speak out, they are providing powerful role models. They are inspiring others to help defend and advance women’s, girls’ and trans people’s rights globally. They are showing us that feminist activism works!