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Vacancy: Supervisory Board Member - Finance

Netherlands Location
3 years Period
February 6, 2023 Deadline


Mama Cash’s vision is that every woman, girl, and trans and intersex person has the power and resources to participate fully and equally in creating a peaceful, just and sustainable world. Our mission is to mobilise resources from individuals and institutions, make grants to self-led feminist organisations, and help to build the partnerships and networks needed to do their work of successfully defending and advancing women’s, girls’, and trans and intersex people’s human rights globally.

We support more than 130 organisations, networks and women’s funds annually. Since 1983, Mama Cash has distributed nearly 60 million euro in grants to women’s, girls’, trans and intersex groups.

For additional information about our work, please see:


We are looking for a Supervisory Board member with financial expertise to join our Supervisory Board’s Audit and Risk committee, based in the Netherlands.

About The Supervisory Board

Mama Cash is governed by an international Supervisory Board, currently comprised of ten members from around the world who together bring a range of skills and experience to the Mama Cash team. In line with our vision and mission, our governance structure and the composition and work of the Supervisory Board is driven by feminist values.

The role of the Supervisory Board is to provide strategic oversight and support to Mama Cash by supervising, advising, challenging and supporting the Co-Executive Directors/Managing Board and their team, and ensuring that the organisation fulfills its statutory duties and responsibilities. The Supervisory Board plays a key role in ensuring that Mama Cash maintains and delivers its vision, mission and strategic goals.

What you will be doing:

  • Attending multi-day Board meetings (normally in the Netherlands where we are based) twice a year (during Covid these were replaced with online meetings);
  • Participating in other Board and Board Committee work, including periodic online meetings and special events (3-5 hours per month);
  • Supervising and advising the Managing Board (i.e. the Co-Executive Directors) on Mama Cash’s strategy, policies and operational decisions as well as risk strategy and culture;          
  • Overseeing governance, and stimulating and ensuring openness and accountability;
  • Selecting and overseeing the performance of our Co-Executive Directors;
  • Reviewing and approving (multi-)annual plans, budgets and accounts;
  • Supporting fundraising and opening doors within our respective communities; and
  • Participating in at least one Board Committee (Audit and Risk, Governance and Nominations, Remuneration, and/or Fundraising).

Furthermore, you will be a part of the Audit and Risk Committee which:

  • Is responsible for recommending the retention and termination of the organisation’s independent external auditor;
  • Shall confer with Mama Cash’s independent auditor to make sure that the financial affairs of Mama Cash are in order;
  • Shall review Mama Cash’s overall risk strategy and policy lines, including its risk culture and risk tolerance;
  • Shall review and evaluate the audited financial statements prepared by the Managing Board and submitted by the independent auditor; and
  • Shall assure that any non-audit services (including tax services or financial advice) provided conform with standards for auditor independence required under relevant law and regulations.

 The Audit and Risk Committee meets (virtually) as frequently as circumstances dictate, but not less than two times annually. The Dutch representative of the Audit and Risk Committee will meet with the independent external auditors of Mama Cash.            

The financial statements of Mama Cash are prepared by the organisation under the responsibility of the Director of People, Finance & Operations. The responsibilities of performing the organisation’s audits and certifying Mama Cash’s financial statements are to be carried out by Mama Cash’s management and an independent auditor.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Financial expertise, in particular the ability to understand/interpret Dutch financial statements (RJ650);
  • At least 5 years of experience in financial management and/or has been ideally a member of another Board in a similar position;
  • Some experience of non-profit finance, fundraising and grantmaking;
  • Holding a broader organisational risk perspective;
  • Willingness to be available to the Director of People, Finance & Operations for advice and enquiries on an ad hoc basis
  • Commitment to Mama Cash’s mission, feminist values and intersectional principles and ability and willingness to act as an ambassador for Mama Cash;
  • Knowledge and skills in the area of good governance and the work of Boards;            
  • Integrity and high ethical standards;
  • Proactive and prepared to contribute to effective strategic decision-making processes; and
  • Fluency in English (spoken and written)

What is in it for you:

Service on the Supervisory Board is without compensation. Reimbursement is made for travel and other costs related to participation in meetings held twice yearly in the Netherlands. You get to make a difference in the world of feminism and use your expertise for a good cause. You will be serving a 3-year term that can be extended for two subsequent terms.

How to apply:

If you think this is you, we would love to hear from you. Please send your CV together with a letter of interest (in English, PDF format) sharing how you fit the profile described to Closing date for applications is February 6th at 23.59 CET.