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Vacancy: Donor Influencing Strategy Consultant

Mama Cash mobilises money from donors toward feminist movements via two complementary strategies: fundraising and donor influencing. With each, we are committed to ensuring that more and better money moves to feminist movements: through Mama Cash, via other women’s funds, and/or from other funders directly to self-led groups and activists. In all our fundraising and influencing work, we intend to deepen partnerships, including with peer women’s funds. We see partnership and collaborative work as a crucial way of bringing better resourcing to feminist activism. Our Strategic Guide calls for Mama Cash to annually leverage double what we fundraise for the organisation by 2030.

To enable Mama Cash to deliver on our donor influencing ambitions, we need to review and update our current donor influencing strategy. This strategy refresh will concentrate on clarifying priorities and how we will know we have been successful. The strategy refresh will result in a new strategy that is rooted in the 2021-2030 Strategic Guide, provide concrete direction as to where Mama Cash will focus its influencing efforts given its capacity, and provide practical recommendations on how to organise internally in order to succeed. The individual hired for this position will work closely with the Senior Officer for Donor Influencing at Mama Cash and the Partnerships and Communications Director.

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