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Legacy questions? Meet Janine

portretfoto Janine van Doorn

"I am moved every single time someone mentions that they would like to include Mama Cash in their will. It is such a beautiful and inspiring gesture! And it is a great boost to all the women who will follow in our footsteps and continue our work for a more just world.

I have worked with Mama Cash since 1998. Every day I experience how much Mama Cash's work means to the groups we support as well as to the donors who support us. In my own life, I have also reaped the benefits of the previous generation who stood up for women's sexual, economic, and political rights.

After my parents passed away, I realised how important it is to properly arrange a legacy. That, along with my passion for women's rights, inspired me to include Mama Cash in my own will.

It gives me great pleasure to help others who care about Mama Cash to make their solidarity a reality. Together we can shape your legacy into the form that fits you best.”

Are you considering donating your estate, or part of it, to Mama Cash, but would like more information before moving ahead? Please do not hesitate to contact Janine van Doorn, Mama Cash’s expert on legacies, at or 020 - 5158745. Together with our notarial advisor, she will be happy to give you all the information you need to make a well-considered decision.