“The difference between a catcall and a compliment is respect.”

Ambrien Moeniralam

Ambrien Moeniralam is a 16-year-old Surinamese/Indian-Dutch communications and media student who was inspired by the Instagram account @catcallsofnyc and began @catcallsofams, the first @catcalls account in Netherlands. @catcallsofams documents cat-calls that people receive in the place where the incident occured. Since Ambrien began @catcallsofams, other accounts have begun in other cities in the Netherlands.

  • Aletta van Nu: Ambrien Moeniralam (Atria
  • Stoepkrijt tegen straatintimidatie (OneWorld
  • Ambrien (16) krijt vulgaire teksten tegen seksuele intimidiatie (Parool

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