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October 2, 2018

Tea with Mama Cash: Can love liberate us?

Three words, eight letters: on this episode of Tea with Mama Cash we're talking about that big, small word: l-o-v-e. Not just the romantic kind, but in all it's many-splendored forms, like care, and community, and family.

Our Executive Director Zohra Moosa and Director of Programmes Happy Mwende Kinyili look at how and why what could be a site of liberation is often a site of struggle: why are we so hung up on biology or ‘blood’? How can we stop treating love like property? What role does friendship play in feminist solidarity? Tune in for the tea on polyamory, chosen families, and female friendships.

"Women are positioned in certain ways in society because of our ideas about love and relationships, and feminists seek to dismantle some of that."

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