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Strengthening the Feminist Funding Ecosystem

For Mama Cash, women’s funds are part of the global feminist funding ecosystem. This ecosystem is comprised of donors interested to fund work that upholds women’s, girls’, trans and intersex people’s rights. These donors range from public and private philanthropic actors, as well as bilateral and multilateral donors. Mama Cash mobilises resources for women’s funds to help support and strengthen the feminist funding ecosystem. What we aspire, is to have a thriving feminist funding ecosystem that is:

Autonomous: an autonomous ecosystem is which women’s funds enjoy full financial, fiscal, political, social, and decision-making sovereignty;

Diverse: recognizing that financial diversity is important as well as diversity in self-representation, diversity in leadership, diversity in stakeholders, we strive for an ecosystem that represents diversity in all of the aspects our work;

Inclusive: as a feminist fund we strive to differentiate and share power and resources with under-represented populations and we fight for a world in which everyone’s human rights are promoted regardless of gender, class, race, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability;

Resilient: to support the feminist movements we serve we believe that the organisations within the ecosystem must be equipped with the necessary skills and resources to be able to better prepare for, respond and adapt to change particularly within the increasingly repressive contexts and the closing space for civil society.

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