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September 21, 2015

Funding feminist activism: Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Nicky McIntyre
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Nicky McIntyre

Over 30 years of experience has taught us just what is needed to effectively fund feminist activism. We have been honing all the different aspects of our trade for decades, from identifying the groups that have transformational potential, to providing our grantee-partners with key connections, to making our evaluation processes helpful and manageable for small groups.

The 2015-2020 Strategic Plan builds on the previous one. We are committed to continue making longer-term, flexible grants, as this has proven to be crucial to the development of sustainable activist groups. We will also continue to focus our funding to groups that are led by women, girls and trans* people speaking for themselves, often addressing contested and under-addressed issues. Our women’s funds programme will contribute to resourcing a global community of feminist funds to build the resource base urgently needed by women’s movements around the world. Our strategy to influence the priorities and practices of other donors emerged as a full-fledged programme during our last strategic plan. We will continue this engagement with the donor community to ensure that women’s rights movements have access to the funding they need.

Mama Cash provides crucial support to women’s rights organisations and movements that are changing the world, and I am proud beyond measure to lead this organisation. We look forward to joining forces with old allies and new partners alike in the coming years to fund feminist activism. 

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