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Solidarity Fund Grant Proposal Review Process

For Participating Women’s Funds

Who is eligible to participate as a decision maker?

  • Any Women’s Funds that are eligible to apply for funds (see eligibility), and that indicate interest and availability to
  • Participating Funds must be willing to review at least 10 proposals of 2 pages each during the review period. The Solidarity Fund team will distribute proposals to participating reviewing Funds randomly, with the goal to ensure proposals are reviewed beyond their own regions.
  • The Fund will need to be able to review proposals in English.

How shall Women’s Funds manage this process?

  • Each participating Women’s Fund will participate with one voice and one review for each proposal submitted with a score as well as rationale for their score.
  • The Solidarity Fund team suggests using this exercise as a team building and knowledge sharing activity. Reviewers will have 3 weeks to submit scores. We suggest at least more than one staff member participate in the review and encourage the involvement of several, differently situated staff members. For help or ideas on how your Fund could participate in the review process, please contact

What will the voting process look like?

  • Assuming each Women’s Fund is reviewing 10 proposals, they receive 20 points to vote on their preferred proposals that they would like to support.
  • Since they have more than 10 points, they can allocate points to add support to the proposals they prefer.
  • Reviewing Women’s Funds are welcome to allocate more than one point to a proposal they strongly support. However, they cannot allocate more than 5 points for one proposal, to ensure that at least 4 proposals of the 10 receive votes.
  • Before the deadline, Women’s Funds will submit their final points allocation for those 10 proposals, and 2-3 sentences about each proposal they reviewed to explain their score.

Questions on review form:

  • How many proposals can your Fund commit to reviewing during the review period? The minimum is 10.
  • What language(s) is your Women’s Fund most comfortable working in?
  • Which organizations would you have a potential or real conflict of interest with?
    A conflict of interest is any situation in which the person(s) representing the Fund has professional, personal, or financial interests or obligations which may affect or may have an appearance of affecting this person’s judgement and ability to participate in the Solidarity Fund. A (potential) conflict of interest could prevent the Fund from making an unbiased decision about a particular grant proposal. This potential benefit can be any professional, personal, financial or other benefit to the individual Women’s Fund staff members, their family or friends, or their organization(s). Even if an interest would not necessarily influence the reviewing Fund, it could still result in the person or fund’s impartiality being questioned by others. Such a situation is also considered a conflict of interest.

    A conflict of interest is when your organization benefits directly (not indirectly) from another proposal. If your Fund is a co-applicant with another, your Fund would need to recuse from reviewing that proposal.
    ◦ A conflict of interest is not when you know another organization or you know people that work there. We are encouraging radical transparency with this project and want to ensure that we are assessing proposals with the context we have.
    ◦ So long as your fund is eligible, whether or not your Women’s Fund submits a proposal, you are welcome to participate in the reviewing process. Your fund would need to recuse itself from reviewing a proposal your fund is involved with.
    ◦ If you have questions, want to report or discuss a potential conflict of interest, please contact


  • Note that your fund’s votes will be submitted confidentially through a survey to the Solidarity Fund Team. The votes will be tallied and the total scores will be public but not with the names of the voting organisations attached.
  • All reviews submitted by voting Women’s Funds will include a final scoring/ranking with required rationale to explain their assessment, which will be aggregated and shared back with applicants. This is part of our transparency to each other:

Total points your Women’s Fund allocates for this proposal:
2-3 sentences of Rationale about final scores:

Questions? Email