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Solidarity Fund Announcement

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The Solidarity Fund, hosted by Mama Cash, is a participatory grantmaking fund. From the design to the selection process, it was created in its entirety by Women's Funds, for Women's Funds.

Mama Cash knows first-hand that Women's Funds are supporting some of the most innovative, courageous and transformative feminist movements around the world. They are a key part of the infrastructure needed for feminist movements to hold the line, advance their agendas, and resist attacks and backlash.

In the spirit of radical trust and solidarity, the Solidarity Fund is a pot of funding made to support the needs of Women's Funds. It is also unique in that it incorporates participatory grantmaking as a more equitable, just, transparent and accountable form of grantmaking. This approach also seeks to cede power to Women's Funds who are best placed to make the decisions that are best for our peers and thus strengthen the feminist funding ecosystem.

The Solidarity Fund Eligibility Criteria

  • Women's Funds interested in applying must first review and meet our criteria.
  • Organisations and groups that are typically eligible for Mama Cash Body/Money/Voice grants are not eligible to apply for the Solidarity Fund, this is a fund for Women's Funds only. If you have a question about whether your organisation is a Women's Fund, please review our criteria.
  • Applicants are not required to be a member of Prospera - The International Network of Women's Funds- to be considered for funding; nascent and emergent funds are welcome to apply.
  • This time around, all Women's Funds are eligible to apply without geographical restrictions.
  • Women's Funds can apply as individual organisations or jointly (as a collaborative request). Women's Funds can only submit one proposal, even if they are part of a collaborative.
  • Women's Funds who have received Solidarity Fund grants last year can also send applications for the 2021 Solidarity Fund.

Learn more about our work with Women's Funds and our strategy.