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Solidarity Fund Announcement

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The Solidarity Fund, hosted by Mama Cash, is a participatory grantmaking fund. From the design to the selection process, it was created in its entirety by Women's Funds, for Women's Funds. 

Mama Cash knows first-hand that Women's Funds are supporting some of the most innovative, courageous and transformative feminist movements around the world. They are a key part of the infrastructure needed for feminist movements to hold the line, advance their agendas, and resist attacks and backlash.

In the spirit of radical trust and solidarity, the Solidarity Fund is a pot of funding made to support the needs of Women's Funds. It is also unique in that it incorporates participatory grantmaking as a more equitable, just, transparent and accountable form of grantmaking. This approach also seeks to cede power to the Women's Funds who are best placed to make the decisions that are best for our peers and strengthen the feminist funding ecosystem.

Institutional Strengthening 

For the third round of the Solidarity Fund, we reached out to the Women's Funds community to decide on the thematic focus of the 2022 edition. 11 Women's Funds participated in defining the theme and enthusiastically offered their insightful ideas and suggestions. 10 out of 26 Women's Funds that participated in a survey prioritised Institutional Strengthening as a thematic focus for the 2022 Solidarity Fund.

Women's Funds are encouraged to seek funds on the topic of Institutional Strengthening. This includes, but is not limited to activities such as:

  • implementing agile work processes; 
  • hybrid models of work;
  • technology and logistics of remote work; 
  • team building; 
  • developing protocols and internal policies on issues such as conflict resolution and anti-racism; 
  • improving efficiency in the management of women's funds, especially for those in a growth phase; 
  • strengthening women’s funds’ governance;
  • institutional capacity building on monitoring and evaluation; 
  • developing security protocols;
  • learning to use database or accounting software; 
  • formalising feminist values within women’s funds; 
  • venturing and developing new programmes and practices for grantee-partners; 
  • rebuilding and regenerating the fund during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These activities were shared by Women's Funds when asked about their priorities for the 2022 theme for the Solidarity Fund. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

The Solidarity Fund Eligibility Criteria

  • The Solidarity Fund is a fund for women’s funds only. Women's funds interested in applying must first review and meet Mama Cash’s criteria for women's funds. 
  • Applicants are not required to be a member of Prospera - The International Network of Women's Funds to be considered for funding; nascent and emergent funds are welcome to apply. 
  • Women's funds can apply for a Solidarity Fund grant individually or as part of a larger collaborative of eligible women’s funds. Applicants may not submit more than one proposal: if they are interested in multiple collaborations, they will have to choose and submit (or be part of) just one idea. Prospera regional chapters are exempted from this rule, because they serve a large numbers of funds. 
  • Women's funds who received a Solidarity Fund grant the previous year can submit an application for a Solidarity Fund grant.